Companies work with J.R. Berry to ease the challenge of finding and hiring exceptional new employees. Our team reviews thousands of resumes every week to identify candidates who have the qualifications our clients are seeking. We conduct detailed in-person interviews in our offices, coordinate interviews between the top candidates and our clients, and ultimately assist with structuring the terms of a job offer. We also deliver computer software testing (when applicable), verify college degrees and check professional references.

J.R. Berry is not an agency focused on sales; instead, our job orders are derived predominantly through referrals and long-term repeat business. We treat our interactions with all of our clients with the strictest of confidentiality.

Our team is committed to streamlining the recruiting process, submitting only the most qualified individuals for an available position. We exercise sound judgment and thorough diligence in order to find candidates who will make a strong contribution to our clients.

If you are a company interested in our services, please call us at 310.803.9787 or send an email to